• We create hardware for your security

  • If you need the key we have one

  • We develop the software to improve your abilities

  • We can deliver our products globally


The Three company focuses on delivery of state of the art technologies, which are primarily designed for Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) and other government units. We produce our own innovative products which we develop based on our long experience with IT and Security solutions. Our products are continuously improved according to requirements of our clients and according to experience from a practical usage.

Besides developing our own innovative products, we are also suppliers of high tech hardware and software solutions of our partner companies. All of our partners are renowned manufacturers, whose products are the world leaders in the selected field.

We bring our clients maximum flexibility and a high level of service. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are not only resellers but also trusted advisors to our customers. We are able to clearly understand to our clients need , recommend the best solution and demonstrate real added value. Typically we provide local support and localization for products of our partner network. Usually we are the exclusive supplier of these products for the Czech market.